For over 60 years, Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. has been providing railroad maintenance equipment and services that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of speed, performance and reliability. And while our machines are both sold and leased, our company's reputation rests on our performance as a contractor offering a wide range of track maintenance services to heavy haul, freight and passenger railroads.


To combat shrinking work windows, Loram continuously pushes the status quo on increasing the speed of its services and equipment. Loram has recently developed products such as the RG400, RGS and C44 rail grinders, SBC2400 shoulder ballast cleaners, UC1200 undercutter cleaners and Raptor rail train to provide faster yet safer operations.


Enduring performance requires a profound knowledge of what customers value combined with applying resources to provide quality products and superior service. To achieve superior performance, Loram maintains a focus on our customers while devoting R&D resource and investing in the development of our people. As a result, Loram’s advanced, reliable equipment and dedicated employees continue to provide customers with higher ROI and enhanced asset life extension.


Our customers rely on Loram to be ready to perform when given track access. Therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest industry standard and strive for a 98% machine reliability. In 2017, Loram achieved this goal with a fleet wide average of 98.3% machine availability.



Loram provides industry-leading maintenance of way equipment combined with premiere service and support, including tailored programs to meet your specific needs. From training to technical support for all of our machines, Loram brings a partnership approach to every customer.


With our strong knowledge base, we can get to your root need faster. Loram personnel are dedicated to delivering advanced equipment, innovative solutions and unrivaled customer service that help you get the most out of your railway infrastructure.


No job is too big or small. Our specialists can provide easily scalable solutions to match the size and complexity of any maintenance of way project.

Operations Management

Loram can provide our operations management professionals to facilitate the highest levels of efficiency possible within your organization, helping you streamline systems and procedures to maximize your profit.

Asset Management

Loram’s asset management team has a proven track record of helping organizations plan and perform cost-effective and efficient rail grinding, ballast and drainage maintenance and friction management programs.



Headquartered in Hamel, MN, Loram provides rail maintenance solutions for rail life extension, ballast and drainage maintenance, material handling, asset management services, and track maintenance consultation. Together with our customers, we help railroads thrive by improving track infrastructure and reducing cost by applying our insights and 60 years of experience.


Loram’s European subsidiary, Loram UK, is located in Derby, England. Loram UK is a world class engineering and technical service provider to the UK and Eurozone railway maintenance infrastructure and rolling stock market.


Loram PTY is a full-service rail maintenance provider in Australia and surrounding markets. Loram’s Australian subsidiary has some of the most technologically-advanced rail grinding and track infrastructure maintenance equipment in the world.