Versatility and performance for transit lines.

The Loram L-Series Rail Grinder is a compact solution designed for production rail grinding on transit railroads and specialty rail grinding on any railroad. The L-Series features technology and the same highly-productive 30 hp grind motors from our heavy haul mainline grinders, in a smaller footprint design to navigate a variety of transit, short line and Class I railroads – including those with curve radius, clearance and weight restrictions.

The L-Series is able to grind a variety of common rail conditions, including corrugation removal, mill scale removal on new rail, switches, crossings, imbedded rail, tunnels, open rail spots and rail head profiling. Advanced grind quality control systems provide a positive means to address only the high spots associated with corrugation, welds and other defects, while bridging the low spots.

Loram L-Series Transit Rail Grinder features:
  • Industry-leading 30 hp (22.4 kW) motors for the most efficient metal removal, optimizes grind time and reduced cost
  • Precision grind control to accommodate effective metal removal
  • High grinding power in a smaller footprint platform designed for tight clearances
  • Integrated dust collection and noise-suppression systems
  • Flexibility to grind a variety of rail conditions
  • Three different sized power car options
  • Four stone and 8-stone grind carts

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