Transit Rail Grinding

Transit and commuter railroads strive to provide safe, comfortable and uninterrupted service for passengers. With strict time schedules and nearly constant rail traffic inherent in transit railroads, track maintenance windows are limited. Loram understands the need for efficiency, offering powerful transit rail grinding services and equipment coupled with decades of expertise. Loram’s unmatched productivity optimizes work windows, delivers more track miles ground and provides superior metal removal that lead to better rail health.

The benefits of transit rail grinding include:
  • Improve ride quality and reduce noise that enhances passenger comfort and safety
  • Extend rail and specialty track component life
  • Remove corrugation for a smoother and more consistent running surface
  • Restore rail head profile to optimize wheel/rail interaction
  • Remove rolling contact fatigue to mitigate defects
With its industry-leading 30 hp grind motors, Loram’s transit rail grinding solutions have the productive power to remove more fatigued metal per pass, which corrects and restores the rail in the most efficient manner by minimizing the amount of grinding passes. With precision grinding control and multiple machine platforms designed specifically for the restrictive clearances of transit and commuter railroads, Loram offers best-in-class performance that equates to the most efficient metal removal, reduces grind time, and optimizes maintenance cost.

Loram’s transit rail grinding solution offers:
  • 4-stone to 24-stone machine configurations
  • High-power, industry-leading 30 hp grind motors
  • Additional versatility to grind subways and embedded rail
  • Advanced control systems for precise, industry-leading metal removal
  • Small clearance diagram for utilization on virtually all transit railroads

Smoother ride. Smoother operations.

With the most productive transit rail grinding solutions, Loram requires smaller track windows and creates more predictable rail maintenance schedules. Along with these operational benefits, Loram adds greater value to transit railroads by extending the life of the rail asset, improving ride quality and reducing rail noise.

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