Loram's L-Series Specialty Rail Grinders have the mobility transit railroads demand. These 8 -16 stone grinders can be rapidly transported at highway speeds to reach any work site.


Loram's L-Series Specialty Grinder combines the technology from Loram's heavy haul mainline grinders with a unique design to navigate transit systems. The L-Series performs within most flangeway or field side clearance obstructions and is gauge convertible. The L-Series also has an integrated dust collection system and a special noise-suppression system to grind in public areas. The combination of Type II and Loram's patented offset grinding allows the flexibility to grind a variety of rail conditions, including corrugation removal, mill scale removal on new rail, switches, crossings, imbedded rail, tunnels, open rail spots, or profiling.

Unsurpassed Commitment

With over 30 years of rail grinding experience, Loram brings its expertise and unsurpassed commitment to all its customers. Whether for heavy haul, high-speed, undergound or metro rail systems, Loram has the rail grinding equipment and services for you.