Switch and Crossing Rail Grinding

High contact stresses and dynamic forces seen in specialty trackworks present unique maintenance challenges. Railroads annually invest considerable resources to maintain and renew specialty trackworks across their rail networks. Specialty rail grinding provides a means to control the rail wear characteristics in specialty trackworks while also mitigating defect prorogation. To produce superior specialty rail grinders, Loram combined the highly productive design of its production rail grinders with enhanced module flexibility and responsive control systems. Loram’s specialty rail grinders can grind tangent and curve rail with the same quality as the production rail grinders, yet their true value is in their versatility and precision to grind switches, crossings, and other specialty trackworks. As switch maintenance is a large cost for any railroad, Loram’s specialty rail grinders provide industry-leading cost benefits to preserve the life of the specialty trackworks.

The benefits of specialty rail grinding include:
  • Extend rail and specialty track component life
  • Restore rail head profile to optimize wheel/rail interaction
  • Remove rolling contact fatigue to mitigate defects
  • Improve switch operation including reduced wheel climb
  • Reduce lateral forces to the rail
Rail grinding of switches, crossings and other specialty trackworks requires specialized, precise equipment with enhanced flexibility. For over three decades, Loram’s specialty rail grinders have demonstrated high productivity and superior capabilities that optimize the health and life of specialty trackworks leading to lower lifecycle costs.

Loram’s specialty rail grinding solutions offer:
  • Four different machine platforms (RGS, C44, RGI and L-Series)
  • 4-stone to 32-stone machine configurations
  • High-power, industry-leading 30 hp grind motors
  • Advanced control systems for precision metal removal

The right equipment for the job.

Loram’s specialty rail grinding equipment is designed specifically to master the maintenance challenges of complex rail structures. Loram is able to deliver the flexibility, performance and efficiency you need while ensuring a reliable and safe operation.

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Specialty Rail Grinding Products