Industry-leading productivity, speed and quality.

The RG400 Series Production Rail Grinder is the result of Loram’s intense focus on the latest technologies to provide industry-leading rail grinding speed, performance and reliability. As Loram’s production rail grinding workhorse for heavy haul, freight and larger commuter railroads, the RG400 is proven worldwide. The RG400 delivers industry-leading productivity through increased available horsepower, advanced grind control systems, more grind stones and advanced quality assurance technologies. The RG400's single-pass precision control and grinding power combine to deliver unmatched productivity for efficient, high-speed preventative rail grinding programs or for intensive defect correction and profile restoration corrective rail grinding programs.

Engineered with features that improve work conditions and safety, the RG400 allows personnel to focus on production and quality. The RG400 is designed to deliver maximum productivity, lower the railroads’ unit costs, maximize available track time and facilitate the most cost-effective production rail grinding programs.  

The RG400 Series Rail Grinders offer advanced technologies and features including:
  • Scalable configurations from 60-stone to 120-stone to meet any railroad need
  • Grind speeds up to 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Best-in-class power with 30 hp (22 kW) grind motors
  • Horsepower control system for consistent metal removal and better fuel efficiency
  • Deep angle grinding capabilities for all rail conditions
  • Auto machine lubrication to reduce maintenance and enhance machine accuracy
  • Environmentally-friendly hydraulic fluid and robust dust collection system
  • Advanced fire suppression technology with up to 75,000 gallon (283,900 L) water capacity and foam injection
  • Walk-around water cars to improve safe operation
  • Enhanced operator ergonomics
  • State-of-the-art rail measurement and vision systems to verify grind quality.

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