Production Rail Grinding

The ultimate goal in rail maintenance is to achieve the longest possible rail life without increasing the safety risks and costs associated with unanticipated rail failures. Production rail grinding provides the single most beneficial, well-proven means toward attaining the goals of rail life extension while also reducing the associated risks. With more than 50 years of production rail grinding experience and intense dedication and focus on R&D to improve rail grinding technologies, Loram offers the rail industry the most advanced production rail grinding service and equipment that lead the industry in terms of speed, performance and reliability.

The benefits of production rail grinding include:
  • Extend the life of rail
  • Restore rail head profile to optimize wheel/rail interaction
  • Precise removal of rail defects, plastic deformation and rolling contact fatigue
Loram works closely with railroads to develop strategies that maximize rail life effectively, deliver best practices and provide a substantial return on investment. Loram’s production rail grinders utilize powerful, highly efficient technology and equipment to provide the safest, most productive rail grinding programs that optimize the health and life of rail assets.

Loram’s production rail grinding solutions offer:
  • Three different machine platforms (RG400, C44/C21 and RGI)
  • 32-stone to 120-stone machine configurations
  • High-power, industry-leading 30 hp motors
  • Advanced control systems for precision metal removal
  • Ability to effectively perform preventative and corrective rail grinding
  • Ability to meet most clearance diagrams

Unmatched experience and expertise.

Loram’s experience, technology and operational fleet of production rail grinders deliver an unmatched advantage to our customers. Our fleet grinds over 100,000 pass miles annually. Because Loram builds and operates its own equipment, customers benefit from continuous quality improvements based on real-world use and experience. With Loram’s powerful, high-speed production rail grinders, railroads realize a lower unit cost (cost per track mile or kilometer) with minimal service window requirements.

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Production Rail Grinding Products