Collect precise rail grind data easily

The Loram Rail Inspection Vehicle (RIV) offers an efficient and cost-effective data collection technology solution for accurate rail profiling and grind planning. An experienced Loram technician conducts the profile and surface inspections using the hi-rail vehicle-based measurement system to automatically determine optimal grind angles, passes, patterns, and rail grinder speeds to ensure the proper rail profile is achieved.

The RIV provides an efficient and accurate means for collecting rail profile, rail wear, gauge, and cant data for managing a rail grinding program. Collected data is mapped to exact track locations to positively match the plan and apply the rail grinder. The RIV is equipped with a rail profile measurement system and reporting package to assess rail quality assurance and planning needs. This package of several integrated components is a proven system in use throughout North America and other locations worldwide.

Benefits of Loram’s RIV program include:
  • Application of rail grinder is based on timely data
  • Rail grinder application is precisely calculated to the tolerance of the equipment
  • Both rail profile and surface conditions are captured and stored
  • Data is mapped to both milepost and GPS coordinates to ensure accuracy
  • Quality of rail profile versus a desired template is measured for each location to highlight progression
  • Reports are generated to indicate inspection results and grind plan
  • Data is available for future reference
Loram RIV features:
  • Crew cab pickup with cabin space for 3 personnel
  • Inspection speeds up to 40 mph (56 km/h)
  • State-of-the art optical transverse rail profile measurement systems
  • Proprietary position locator system based on differential global positioning system (DGPS)
  • High-resolution rail surface images
  • Proprietary Loram RailPro® rail profile analysis, planning and management system with data mapping, grind quality control, data viewing, and reporting

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