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Loram’s MHC Series Material Handling Cars are ideal for any project involving transferring and offloading of new ballast, or excavated roadbed materials such as ballast and spoils. Featuring a powerful, integrated transfer conveyor based on proven Loram components, the MHC Series provides a continuous, high-throughput flow of material for maximum productivity.

The MHC Series are available in two models – the MHC60 with 60 yd3 hopper capacity, and the MHC80 with 80 yd3 hopper capacity. In comparison to other material handling cars on the market, the MHC Series offers a unique combination of reduced tare weight and increased material throughput capability. MHC Series cars exceeds industry-standard throughput by up to 30%, and can self-discharge material up to 20% farther to either side of the track centerline, or into a knuckled car of the same type. They can connect to and receive material from any undercutter, shoulder ballast cleaner, ditch cleaner, Loram LRV, specialty excavator, or other brands of equipment.

The variable-speed transfer conveyor uses over 70 hp to discharge ballast at a higher rate of productivity, while preventing overload or stalling. The MHC Series cars are designed to accommodate materials ranging from new AREMA-specification ballast, to the most heavily-fouled, water-saturated ballast and spoils.

The Loram MHC Series Material Handling Car features and capabilities include:
  • High capacity 60 yd3 (45 m3) or 80 yd3(60 m3) hopper
  • Up to 30% higher average material throughput than competitive cars
  • 20% further discharge / cast distance than the competition
  • Adjustable floor conveyor speed from 0 to 85 ft/min (0 to 26 m/min).
  • High capacity up to 190,000 pounds (86,000 kg)
  • Direct drive pumps and motors for reduced maintenance and operating costs
  • Designed with fewer parts and easier, operator-level maintenance

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