A Complete Range Of Friction Modifier Solutions

Because wheel and rail friction challenges are different based on various track environments and local conditions, Loram offers a range of friction modifier solutions designed to perform. From environmentally-friendly, water-based formulations to high-performance petroleum-based synthetics, and a hybrid product that offers a combination of both water-based and synthetic, Loram has the right friction modifiers to deliver impressive benefits of improved wheel/rail interaction, fuel economy and asset life for any condition.

Loram’s line of friction modifiers include:
  • TOR-WB eco-friendly, 100% water-based organic friction modifier
  • TOR-H2OX advanced hybrid formulation with the advantages of both water-based and synthetic friction modifiers
  • TOR-Xtend high-performance synthetic friction modifier
Loram’s friction modifier products are available in:
  • 5-gallon (19 L) pails
  • 55-gallon (208 L) drums
  • 275-gallon (1041 L) bulk totes
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The green, industry-leading organic solution.

TOR-WB is a 100% water-based, organic top of rail friction modifier specifically developed to address situations where the use of synthetic friction modifiers are undesirable. TOR-WB does not clog bars, is non-corrosive, has a wide operating temperature range, and does not need to be mixed or stirred. This product is compatible with all industry standard top of rail friction management systems and has a carry distance greater than 4 miles.

TOR-WB friction modifier performance advantages include:
  • Water Based
  • Non-corrosive
  • Eco Friendly
  • Lower Consumption
  • Increase Fuel Savings


The best of both water-based and synthetic friction modifier.

Loram’s TOR-H2OX is an advanced formulation that is revolutionizing the top of rail friction management industry. TOR-H2OX is ideal for railroads that want the benefits and advantages of both water-based and traditional synthetic-based friction modifiers, in a non-cavitating material. Offering a 4–6 mile carry distance, TOR-H2OX requires fewer wayside units allowing applicators to be spaced approximately 8 miles apart in bi-directional traffic. TOR-H2OX can be used with any industry standard wayside top of rail friction management equipment.

TOR-H2OX is one of Loram’s most popular products. Here’s why:
  • Lower consumption—apply 33%-50% less modifier than conventional top of rail friction modifiers
  • Increased carry of 4–6 miles
  • Water-based benefits
  • Works in extreme temperatures
  • No need to mix and stir
  • Non-corrosive
  • Won’t damage plates or spikes
  • Does not cause shunting issues


High-performing, cost-effective synthetic-based friction modifier.

Years of research and Loram’s advanced wheel/rail simulation test machine enabled Loram to develop TOR-Xtend. An environmentally-friendly, clean and cost-effective synthetic friction modifier, TOR-Xtend has a low evaporation rate, will not damage tie plates or spikes and does not cause shunting issues. TOR-Xtend is non-corrosive.

From mainlines to yards, TOR-Xtend meets all needs and provides:
  • All season protection—works in extreme temperatures
  • Carry distance of up to 6 miles
  • Rain resistance for longer effectiveness
  • Cost-effective with less material per application

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