Superior Performance. Environmentally Friendly.

Loram’s EcoCurve Heavy Haul high performance grease offers industry-leading performance and is environmentally friendly. EcoCurve is a water-resistant, all season grease that provides superior performance while helping to reduce harmful impact on the environment. Loram’s EcoCurve stands up to the harshest climates and the heaviest rail traffic conditions.

EcoCurve’s highly adhesive grease is designed to remain on the gauge corner of the rail under extreme pressure and temperatures, as well as to withstand heavy workloads and torrential rain. This superior adhesion helps to reduce runoff into the subsoil and water table. EcoCurve is free of heavy metals and toxic additives.

EcoCurve uses a specially formulated grease thickener for enhanced stability in all climates and conditions. This unique formulation ensures that EcoCurve Heavy Haul high performance grease provides:
  • Water resistance for lasting protection even in heavy rain
  • Superior protection against wear and corrosion
  • Increased carry to reduce the amount of grease needed and to save on costs
  • Enhanced stability in all climates and conditions to protect against wear and corrosion
  • Excellent pumping and transfer capabilities
  • Renewable Materials—uses 75%–90% renewable content to help reduce overall carbon footprint
EcoCurve Heavy Haul is available in
  • 44-pound (20kg) pails
  • 1874-pound (850kg) bulk totes

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