Versatility. Precision. Durability

TracShield is the industry’s leading wayside top of rail friction management system. It senses the passing of train wheels over the TracShield’s durable sensors and automatically dispenses a controlled amount of friction modifier to the top of the rail.

TracShield wayside system is designed for:

  • Precision—applies the precise amount of friction modifier
  • Consistency—features a positive displacement pump that consistently applies the correct amount of friction modifier to the bar applicator at any temperature
  • Functionality—dispenses a wide range of friction modifiers
  • Reliability—designed with a concentrated effort on ease of maintenance and requires very little maintenance
The TracShield's bar applicator consists of only three components that are built to last and easy to maintain in the field. With a patented spring or air spring loaded design, the bar applicator resists damage from hi-rail trucks or hollow worn wheels. Loram’s top of rail bar applicators are compatible with any industry standard top of rail friction management system and friction modifier.

TracShield keeps you in the know. Sensors capture the condition of the system at all times and monitor friction modifier level, rainfall, door status, battery charge, temperature, and more. To reduce the amount of top of rail units needed, Loram’s TracShield utilizes a single digital controller that is capable of controlling the output for two separate tracks.

Loram offers three different sized TracShield application systems that provide options to select whether a smaller footprint, a large capacity tank, or a combination of those two is the most important feature.

          25-Gallon (95L) Capacity
          Fits into tight spaces with same capabilities

          100-Gallon (379L) Capacity
          Removable insert option and reduced footprint

          200-Gallon (757L) Capacity
          Large capacity requires less frequent refilling

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