Solidify your foundation

The Loram Track Lifter is a versatile machine with industry-leading production capabilities by lifting the track up to 12 inches at speeds up to 4 mph. Unlike other solutions that only lift the track a few inches each pass at much slower speeds, the Track Lifter lifts the track from to a near finished height in a single pass, allowing ballast to fall through the track structure. This process creates a level grade for the track and a new sub-ballast layer, establishing more permeable ballast and an overall stronger structure. The machine has a crib-leveling bar that helps break up muddy cribs and provides a smooth, flat surface that new ballast can be built upon, creating a stable, free-flowing track structure.

The Loram Track Lifter is designed to be more productive and cost-effective compared to traditional track lifting services. By utilizing Loram’s Track Lifter, the amount of tamping needed is reduced, which then reduces ballast degradation due to tamping. Track lifting increases productivity of track rehabilitation programs.

Loram’s Track Lifter features and benefits include:
  • Variable working speed up to 4.0 mph
  • Lifts track up to 12 inches (300 mm) per pass
  • Speed is unaffected by jointed rail or continuous welded rail
  • Track alignment tolerances +/- 2 inches (+/- 50 mm)
  • 5-minutes to set-up or stow
  • Capable of operating in 16° curves
  • Operates as part of a ballast train or independently
  • Capable of pulling up to four, fully-loaded 120-ton (109-tonne) ballast cars

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