Track Lifting

The tie, ballast and subgrade structures combining function is to transmit the load applied to the rail down to the natural sub-soil layer. For optimal success, it is essential to have a track foundation with equal distribution of pressure from the ties to the subgrade and sub-soil layer. A poor track foundation is often attributable to ballast depths that are inadequate and require additional ballast. With one pass of Loram’s Track Lifter and additional ballast, a new ballast layer can be achieved while also utilizing the old existing ballast as the new sub ballast layer. Loram’s track lifter is the most productive, effective way to lift track and re-ballast the track to correct ballast depth deficiencies.

The Loram Track Lifter is a self-propelled machine that can lift track up to 12 inches in a single pass. The Track Lifter is also equipped with a crib-leveling bar that helps break up muddy cribs and provides a smooth level surface after the lift. During ideal conditions, it can lift track at speeds up to 4 mph.

Versatile track lifting benefits include:
  • Restoring drainage performance
  • Restoring the sub-ballast layer
  • Increasing load bearing capacity

Our technology. Your advantage. The Loram difference.

Loram Track Lifters offer significant operational and business advantages. Better technology vastly improves productivity, delivers superior results and ensures operational safety . The benefit from a stronger roadbed maintenance program that delivers impressive ROI and reduces future maintenance needs.

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