A firm foundation for railroad performance.

For railroads to meet their revenue and growth objectives, it’s increasingly vital to maintain a high-performing infrastructure. Ensuring a firm foundation across the railroad system is paramount to protecting the performance of the track and the operational effectiveness of the railroad itself. Strategic solutions for proper ballast maintenance and reliable drainage are key to maintaining this important structural foundation.
With a rich heritage of ensuring infrastructure integrity and optimal track performance, Loram is recognized as the industry leader in track maintenance. Loram offers a broad portfolio of equipment and services with the experience to help deliver performance and reliability for any railroad:
Corrective and proactive ballast and roadbed drainage maintenance services from Loram resolve a host of common and cascading challenges that threaten track infrastructure, providing benefits and sustainable impacts that extend beyond assuring structural integrity:

  • Cleans, reclaims and extends the critical interlocking mechanics of shoulder ballast
  • Remediates fouling, compacted fines and matter that trap water
  • Protects the subgrade from damaging water saturation that jeopardizes roadbed integrity
  • Improves lower ballast drainage, freeing a pathway to clear interior track fouling
  • Creates stronger track foundation, protecting load bearing capabilities and ensuring stability
  • Extends tonnage between surfacing and undercutting cycles
  • Ensures greater track geometry, reduces profile deterioration and unplanned surfacing
  • Extends ballast and tie life
  • Reduces the occurrences of frost heaves
  • Improves productivity, operational efficiency and safety

Solutions that protect performance. The Loram difference.

Loram’s mission-critical shoulder ballast cleaning, undercutting and excavating maintenance systems, coupled with ditching and drainage solutions deliver strong ROI and benefits to the health and performance of any railroad. Our inspection services, experienced teams and track record of safety and reliability amplify the benefits of our industry-leading ballast maintenance services, equipment and technology.

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