Since the introduction of continuously welded rail, delivering rail from the welding plant to the worksite, and picking up the used rail from trackside has been a messy process. Large work gangs operating potentially dangerous equipment were the norm throughout North America. Much of this equipment is still in use today and it’s old, obsolete, and will soon face retirement.  Times are changing on the railroad as well. Work windows are getting smaller and harder to come by. Work trains are costly and unreliable. And maintenance budgets are straining under the weight of record traffic volumes. What’s needed is a safer, more cost effective way to manage cradle-to-grave rail logistics.

Introducing The Raptor.

Built for safety and performance, the Raptor rail handling system also reduces operating and manpower costs. The result: More rail picked up in less time for less money. The Loram long rail pick-up and delivery system consists of:

  • Twin independent gantry cranes with telescoping booms
  • 3-car work unit, with rail joining workstations and integrated power cars
  • High capacity rail transport trains

After grasping rail on the ground, the high mounted gantry rails allow the gantries to pull it on to the work unit and down the length of the transport train. Rail cutting and joining workstations centralize these tasks to improve safety and efficiency. And the integrated, remote-equipped power cars improve operational coordination and eliminate the work train requirement.


The Raptor rail handling system improves safety by reducing manual handling of rail and keeping people out of harm’s way. The gantry booms’ capabilities virtually eliminate the need for a ground crew, and since pushing of rail down the train is eliminated, no one must walk point.

Rail pick-up crews also must deal with the random length of rail segments created during rail change-out operations. They presently bolt these segments together trackside, but this process is time consuming and a serious safety concern. The Raptor keeps the benefits of this process but moves the joining and cutting functions to the work unit, where both ends are controlled and connections can be made quickly and safely.


The Raptor can grasp and load any rail segment located within twelve feet of the track centerline and four feet below top of rail. This eliminates the need for a separate set-up crew. If a rail lies beyond this zone, the Loram unit is equipped to pull the rail to within reach of the booms.

Each gantry is equipped with 20,000 lbs of tractive effort to pull many rail lengths onto the train without assistance. Working with the integrated power cars, this allows the Loram system to load right and left rails independently, delivering a vast productivity advantage over other gantry-style rail trains.


Loram offers the Raptor rail handling system as part of a complete pick-up and delivery service, fully staffed, supervised and supported by Loram. With Loram managing your rail pick-up and delivery, capital dollars for new rail trains can be invested elsewhere even as productivity is improved and unit cost reduced.

Take advantage of the Raptor’s ‘best of all worlds’ combination of efficiency, flexibility and safety. For more information contact Loram at (763) 478-6014.