A firm foundation is paramount to proper track performance, and proper drainage is key to maintaining that foundation. Establishing and maintaining proper drainage provides a “root cure” for more costly symptoms. The first step is to ensure an adequate, properly sloped ditch is to intercept and divert water from outside the track. This ditch is necessary to provide drainage from the ballast section of the track. Without the proper ditch, activities at the track to enhance drainage will not provide the desired results.

Proper Drainage is Key

Ditch cleaning is a maintenance practice that pays for itself many times over wherever moisture problems occur. Ditch maintenance will increase the stability of your ballast and subgrade by moving water away from your track and right of way.  It will increase cycle time between expensive surfacing and lining programs, and prevent ties from deteriorating prematurely.  Despite the obvious benefits, ditch cleaning is often shoved to the bottom of a railroad’s list of maintenance chores. Why? Conventional methods are often time consuming, ditching areas may be inaccessible, and/or planning is usually haphazard and poorly defined.  There’s a better way to clean ditches with Loram's Badger Ditch Cleaning Services. 


Unparalleled Productivity

The Loram Badger Ditcher is a self-propelled system that is capable of moving 1,000 tons of material every hour. It goes where and when it’s needed, under its own power, regardless of wet or dry weather conditions.  The ditching wheel cuts a swath that can be varied from 30 to 54 inches wide, at a depth as low as 6 feet below the top of the rail.  Because the Badger’s workhead is articulated, the shape of the ditch can be contoured to suit drainage requirements. The ditch can be placed anywhere between 6 and 22 feet from the track center on either side.  Loram’s Badger Ditch Cleaning Machine has a powerful swing conveyor that can dump waste-excavated material at distances of up to 35 feet on either side of the track center; or you can discharge the material into an air dump car that can be emptied with the Badger’s own air supply.


Reliable, Quality Drainage Services.

Let Loram provide you with our experienced personnel to accompany your track manager on field inspections to develop a practical, custom-made drainage program for your property.  Loram leads the way in railroad drainage maintenance. Take advantage of the Loram Badger Ditcher machine and drainage services from Loram. For more information on our practical solutions to your track drainage problems, contact Loram at (763) 478-6014.