Loram Maintenance of Way Inc. acquired all the assets of Tranergy Corporation in 2011. Acquiring Tranergy allowed Loram to further its leadership position in rail life extension by combining rail grinding with friction management.

Friction Management Systems

Loram's innovative friction management systems are designed to improve rail vehicle performance. Our unique line of cutting edge, ecologically clean products are field-proven to be the most effective solutions on the market. Our expertise primarily supports railroads, but extends to most rail-based forms of transportation.


Loram TracShield

TracShield is the patented wayside track lubrication system that lubricates the top-of-rail using an environmentally clean lubricant.

Loram TracGlide

TracGlide is the patented onboard track lubrication system that lubricates the top-of-rail using an environmentally clean lubricant.

Loram BridgeGlide

BridgeGlide provides automatic track lubrication on bridges using a clear, environmentally-friendly Friction Modifier. BridgeGlide's lightening-protected lubrication system is proven to reduce lateral forces, maintenance costs, and rail noise, all while keeping bridges environmentally clean.

Loram CraneGlide

CraneGlide is a state-of-the-art friction management system that optimizes overhead crane movement and performance.


Loram SwitchEnhancer

SwitchEnhancer is an automatic railroad switch lubrication system that lubricates all critical surfaces: switch plates, switch points, mating surfaces, top of switch rails, and stock rails.


Loram YardGlide

YardGlide is an intelligent lubrication system that applies an environmentally clean Friction Modifier on the wheels of a rolling railcar in a yard. The Friction Modifier keeps car speed consistent and reduces wheel lateral forces on curves, while lowering the probability of collisions and derailments.


Loram Friction Modifiers

Loram's family of Friction Modifiers and applicators are focused on being technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and cost-conscious.


Wheel Detection Systems

Loram's family of Wheel Detection Systems are rugged, reliable, and an economical alternative to current systems on the market. These systems are designed for easy installation and perform in the harshest environments.


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