The Loram RGS Specialty Grinder sets the standard for speed, performance, and reliability in the specialty rail grinding market. The “RGS” grinder platform is a natural supplement to any production rail grinding program, allowing a Railroad to grind trouble areas on open rail as it travels between switches, crossings, and other specialty track work.


The RGS Grinder has 24 stones driven by 30 HP electric motors, allowing it to grind a switch or crossing in fewer passes than any other specialty grinder in the world. It can grind a complete switch in just six minutes, and achieve speeds up to 12 mph during open rail grinding.


RGS Specialty Grinder Working Capabilities

With the same high productive 30 HP grind motors as on large Production Rail Grinders, Loram's 24 Stone Specialty Grinder provides many advantages including:

  • Grinds at speeds up to 12 mph
  • Capablility of grinding a complete switch in 6-9 minutes
  • Metal removal per pass @ 5 mph is .0015 - .003 inches
  • Ability to reduce power to grind motors as needed to vary surface finish
  • Electric grind motors have independent tilt and shifts resulting in better, fuller grind pass coverage
  • Grinding angles @ 25º Field, 75º Gauge to address all grinding conditions
  • Optional 45º Field to 55º Gauge
  • Ability to store up to 100 grind patterns with 72 angle settings

Enhanced Saftey and Environmentally-Friendly

Loram's RGS Specialty Grinder is environmentally-friendly, having a Tier II compliant engine that is capable of achieving industry-leading fuel efficiency and corresponding low emissions. It incorporates a robust filtration system to mitigate effects on the environment, and utilizes flame resistant hydraulic fluid.  In addition, the Specialty Grinder is equipped with spark gaurds to retain grinding sparks within the confines of the track structure, and includes 4,500 gallons of water for fire protection. 

For more information on the RGS Specialty Grinder, contact Loram at (763) 478-6014.