Loram Maintenance of Way Inc.'s latest offering is the Track Lifter Series (TL). These machines are designed to be more productive and cost effective compared to traditional services.  The TL can lift track up to 12 inches, creating a new sub-ballast layer and establishing a more permeable ballast and overall stronger track structure.


The new Loram Track Lifter is ideal for partial tamper replacements, new track construction, track rehabilitation programs, and tie replacement programs. The Loram Track Lifter operates at higher speeds than traditional undercutters and reduces tamping requirements.


Other Track Lifter Working Capabilities:

  • Working speed variable up to 1.0 mph
  • Lifter set-up/teardown time: 2 minutes
  • Track lift up to 12 inches per pass
  • Lifts track from formation to finished height in one pass
  • Eliminates multiple lifts with tamper
  • Capable of operating on 16 degree curves
  • Track alignment tolerances +/- 2 inches
  • Speed is unaffected by jointed rail or welded joints
  • Can operate as part of a ballast train or independently
  • Capable of pulling 4 fully loaded 120 ton ballast cars

For more information on Loram's Track Lifter Series, contact Loram at (763) 478-6014.