Our Services

RG306crewSince 1954, Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. has been providing railroad maintenance equipment and services of exceptionally high standards of quality and performance. We know that we perform our maintenance of way services better than anybody else, and that we can help railroads extend the life of their assets. That means a better bottom line for everyone--not just for the railroads, but for Loram, too.  In the years since its 1954 unpretentious beginning, Loram has become one of the leading suppliers of track maintenance machinery and services in the world. 


Loram’s product offerings include: Production and Specialty Rail Grinding, Ditch Cleaning, Shoulder Ballast Cleaning, Undercutting, Spot Undercutting utilizing our Railvac, Rail Handling, Data Services, and Friction Management Services.


 "Extending railroad asset life means a better bottom line--for the railroads and Loram."


"One customer reported an increase in rail life, measured in total accumulated gross tons over a ten-year study period, of approximately 25% on tangent track, and from 25% to more than 100% on curves." 


 "Railroads today are increasingly being driven by the bottom-line. Our customers want to extend the life of their assets, and that's where we fit in."


"We are totally confident of our capabilities, but realize that demonstration is the key to market acceptance in new areas."


"We look at many of our supplier relationships as partnerships. It's in our best interest to help them meet our needs." 


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